Have all services included in your Virtual Terminal/API/Gateway for just $5/month with .05/transaction.
Are Virtual Terminal/API/Gateway, has no extras fees you pay with other processers.
Stop paying for add-ons for what you can have for one low fee.

Some of the features:
Takes payments on the checkout in person, over the phone, phone app, online, reoccurring payments, ecommerce, cash discount program, surcharges. All included in this low price, no extra fees using these.

We offer Fluid Pay Virtual Terminal/API/Gateway works with:
Interchange+, Cash Discount and Surcharging.
Here is what is included with no extra fees, just the flat rate.

- One monthly MID fee includes all products. $5/month with .05/transaction
- No more frivolous additional charges per product!
Virtual Terminal
- Process transactions ANYWHERE in the world with an internet connection.
- Remotely activate/provision physical EMV certified terminals from a single location! - Run credit card, ACH, Tokens, and Terminal transactions all in ONE PLACE.
Cash Discount Program & In-house Surcharging Platforms
- BIN Validation real-time and compliant with proper states. - Fixed amount or percentage.
- Integrated and displayed with product-base.
Customer Vault
- Store your merchants’ customer CC, ACH, and address information in a cloud-based Level 1 PCI gateway.
- REDUCE PCI compliance for your merchants.
- Level 1 PCI Certified Provider.
Recurring Billing
- Create custom plans to determine billing dates, interval, frequency, and duration. - Modifiers available to easily customize each plan with add-ons and discounts.
- No need for bulky recurring plans. Make base plans with modifiers per customer.
- Pre-built UI components to help create the perfect checkout across desktop and mobile payments.
- Reduce PCI Compliance with your merchants! Our answer to the Stripe API!
- Streamline the billing process by reducing the time it takes to manage paperwork and get paid.
- Real-time invoice creation and delivery.
- No integration required, start sending out invoices today without any development or customization!
Level 3 Processing & Gateway Emulators
- NMI & Authorize.net emulation available.
- Auto-population Level 3 fields.
- First call resolution.
- Unsurpassed support with our team of engineers and developers.
Simplified API
- Semi-restful JSON based allowing for simple integration across all platforms & devices.
- Easily scalable to accommodate any load changes
- Our control panel consumes 100% of the Simplified API.
No hidden calls.
- API built for simplicity and ISVs/Developer friendly.
- FIRST fraud-scrubbing machine learning algorithm for payments industry.
- Models exposed to new data, while adapting to data as it comes into the system.
- Transactions can be declined/approved pre or post authorization
- Set custom rules and velocity controls.

- Remote provisioning for convenience.

- Semi-integrated, EMV certified, and cost effective.

- WIFI enabled. Tether any device to the terminals to run a transaction.

- Receipts and signatures stored in the gateway at no additional cost.

- COMPLETE countertop & mobile solution.

- Robust settlement & transactions information.