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I have the tools for your Business to use. Cost Cutting Merchant Services, Cash Discount Program, Business Loans, Consumer Financing, Free Word of Mouth Advertising, Business Referrals, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Much More. 

Save 10%-100%  on your  processing cost.

Free Analysis Receive a free, no obligation analysis based on your current merchant account statement.

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My name is Justin Kliewer. I am the Regional Account Manger for Valued Merchant Services based in Idaho. I have businesses all over the nation using me directly for my services.

If you have a contract with who you use, no problem we can handle that. Compatible with most current software you already use. I also offer other services as well. Business Loans, Consumer Financing and much more.


Valued Merchant Services is a nationwide provider of all forms of electronic payment processing services for all types of business including retail businesses, restaurants, web-based businesses, service providers, wholesalers and distributors, home based businesses, mobile businesses, transportation businesses and start-up businesses. We provide these services for businesses both small and large. We serve businesses that operate as sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, LLC’s, non-profit’s, franchises, municipalities, banks, and governments.
Valued Merchant Services Is a two-time overall top 1000 honoree on the Inc. Magazine List of the 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America and two-time honoree in the top 50 in the Financial Services Industry category. Our incredible growth is attributed to the way we do business, putting the merchant first and committing to personal, dedicated service and support and a policy of full disclosure of all rates, fees and charges to our merchants. We help educate our merchants to better understand the credit card processing industry and the programs and services they utilize.
Valued Merchant Services is A+ rated and accredited with the Better Business Bureau and we have been in business since 2006

Let's meet

Save 10-100% on your processing cost today. 

If we can't Match or beat your current processing rates and fees, we'll give you $500.

Electronic Payment Processing

We provide top quality products, services and technologies to our customers.

Offering local, personal sales, service and support.

Modern Technologies

Services & Support

One-Stop Shop

Merchants are provided with the complete one stop solution to all of their payment processing needs.

Cost Effective

Our efficient, cost-effective solutions at the point of sale helps businesses save 10% to 30% or more!

Business focus

Nationwide provider of all forms of electronic payment processing services for all types of businesses and industries.

Free Analysis

Receive a free, no obligation analysis based on your current merchant account statement.

We made the grade! We are A+ Rated and Accredited with the Better Business Bureau

Two Time Top 1000 Honoree on the Inc. Magazine 500/5000 List

Business Loans

I provide more loan options for all types of businesses. More information in service link.

We finance 5K to 5 million

We offer 75 different programs
N0 Industry Restrictions & NO minimum FICO requirements Tax Liens, Foreclosures, Collections, Discharge.

Business Loans

Business Line of Credit

Small Business Loan

Working Capital Loan

Equipment Financing

And much more...

Business Loans

Vauled Merchant Services

If we can't beat your current processing rates and fees, we will give you $500. We are based in Idaho. I live in Salem, Oregon. Local businesses use me in the Salem area as well as other businesses around the nation. All my services are nationwide.  

We do not have hidden fees and rates

We go above and beyond, it does not matter what time it is

We are here to serve you
We will beat your current bank processing rates if that is what you use for your merchant services
We will beat your current rates and fees you pay
Lowering all your fees and rates will bring your cost down and profit up
Free word of mouth advertising
In person follow-ups
No hidden contract
Rates and fees never go up

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